Thankful for rest

My magic wand is utterly useless...

When you're used to going 100 mph through life, it takes a while to learn to rest. I'm one of those people that only relaxes during the last ten minutes of a 90 minute massage. It's not because I'm a total stress case, I'm just an excessively busy person. If it wouldn't break every HIPAA law on the planet, I'd let you take a looksy at my weekly planner. It appears that I'm collecting the next mass census. Nope, that's just my patient load. Sometimes I look at my schedule on Monday morning, and break into a hyena-like laugh. While a stranger would question my mental status, my co-workers see my face and offer me empathy, while expressing gratitude for their chosen profession- not social work. I love my job. I love almost everything about helping other people for a living. My only complaint- human limitations. As my magic wand is utterly useless at reducing the price of pulmonary prescriptions for people that can't breathe. That being said, I've got it pretty good. 

Hamster wheel of monotony...

We all have to-do lists. Yours may be errands up the wazoo, while juggling 3 children under the age of 6 (superwoman alert!) While yet another may spend their days buried in paperwork, or on the phone with clients. Every single one of us is fighting our own battle, which often feels like a lone mission. One foot in front of the other. One payday to the next. There were many years in my 20's that I spent waiting tables. Those years seemed to be a hamster wheel of monotony. Sure, I had worked my way to fine dining (the top of the rung), but that increased my workload to starched shirts and ties, without any benefits to speak of. $3.35/hr plus tips, never taking a sick day. Never a vacation. No medical insurance. Those were the days, when affirmations were my only defense against illness. Ahh, character building.

So many years waiting tables and smoking in allies. 

I'm getting paid right now!

It wasn't until I finished school and got a "real" job (one with a predictable wage and benefits), that I was able to enjoy something that was perceived as a luxury to me for years. Paid time off. What was this magical world of wonder before me? My first job out of grad school, I worked the obligatory 90 days before accruing enough time to take my first day off. I remember vividly, it was Labor Day. I woke up without an alarm and thought to myself, "I'm getting paid right now." I drove to visit my parents house to poach some zucchini out of their garden, and I informed my dad- "I'm getting paid right now!" I went to have coffee and write in my journal, internally chanting "I'M GETTING PAID RIGHT NOW!" Some of you relate to the elation that I felt during this humble scene, while others are thinking that I was born in a barn. I assure you that I was provided with all of my needs and necessary luxuries growing up. It was my transitional adult years that left me tallying up the hard times. Paid time off was akin to "Christmas morning, getting a Cabbage Patch Kid in the 80's" kind of joy.

Sensory massage of Aveda...

I have never lost sight of this magic. Every time I pick up a prescription, access free counseling, get new glasses, or take a holiday, I pause to cherish these blessings. Last week, I took several days off to savor the last days of summer before school hit us like a hammer (sixth grade-WHAT?!) I woke up every morning with gratitude from the crown of my head to my tippy toes. I savored the mindful walk I took with my soul sister as we searched for the perfect "good vibe house" in Boise's North End. My thankful heart buzzed, as I got my hair done with the sensory massage of Aveda around me. I oozed with thanks as my daughter anticipated interpersonal dynamics between 6th grade boys, and if I really liked her new haircut. I am so thankful for this rest, for a job that honors the importance of caring for myself, that I may care more genuinely for others. For all these things, I am truly grateful. What are you thankful for? Happy Gratitude Tuesday.