Meet Audrey

Greetings! This video is an introduction to Audrey's Peace of Mind. I'm Audrey, a licensed clinical social worker. I'm passionate about improving emotional wellness through the daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude. Join me to learn more about wellness through my personal (and witty) life reflections. 

Be Well,


Let's practice gratitude!

Learn the proven benefits of practicing gratitude. I challenge you to share your own gratitude with me in the comments below, or email me- I hope to share your gratitude in future videos. Let's create a movement friends!

Find your gratitude!

Join me for our first "find your gratitude" session, in which I share viewers gratitude- along with my own!

Give gratitude bouquets with your words!

Join me to hear viewer's gratitude, and learn about a new way to share your gratitude toward others!!

Gratitude - PLUS a bonus body scan meditation!

Join me as a reflect on a new way to benefit from gratitude while checking in with our miraculous bodies in a body scan meditation.

How to practice gratitude

Hear more about how to incorporate gratitude into your daily life! Share what you are thankful for in the comments below :)

Gratitude Exercises!

Join me to hear about how I've amped up my gratitude practice in the last months!